Hannah Cohen’s Holy Communion

Award winning short film about a 7 year old growing up in 1970’s Ireland who can’t wait to make her Holy Communion – but she’s the wrong religion!

‘Hannah Cohen’s Holy Communion’ is a heart-warming tale about a little girl, and the lengths she’s prepared to go to, to be just like all the other little girls. This film explores a rarely glimpsed Ireland, as seen through the eyes of a middle class Dublin Jewish girl. An Irish/Jewish film with an international feel, the beauty of this story lies in its simplicity, humour, and the universal desire to fit in.

Director: Shimmy Marcus

Writer(s): Lana Citron

Role: Rachel Cohen

Cast: Lucy Sky Dunne, Jim Sheridan, Susie Power

  • comedy

Rating: pg13

Duration: 13 mins

Released: 27 September 2014 (USA)

Status: Completed

Production Co: Let's Not Lose It Productions | Underground Films

Country: UK