A spirited 7-year-old, growing up in Dublin in the 1970’s, can’t wait to make her Holy Communion.

Director: Shimmy Marcus

Writer(s): Lana Citron

Role: Rachel Cohen

Cast: Lucy Sky Dunne, Jim Sheridan, Susie Power

  • comedy

Rating: pg13

Release date: 27 September 2014 (USA)

Shot in Ireland and starring the tremendous Elaine Cassidy and Stephen Lord, this was made as part of a film-making course.

As a director, your work is often about fending off ordinariness. Elaine and Stephen made a small, low-to-no-budget effort feel very special.

Trivia: the butchery scene was filmed in a room of what used to be Letterfrack Industrial School, one of the most notorious church-run institutions for children in Ireland.

Director: Elaine Cassidy, Stephen Lord

Writer(s): Elaine Cassidy, Stephen Lord

Role: Kirsty

Cast: Elaine Cassidy, Stephen Lord

  • horror

Rating: na

Release date: Circa 2006

Aileen is sent to stay with her uncle in a one horse town which looks more like Texas than east coast Ireland. Her cousin Midge doesn’t like her.

Director: Geraldine Creed

Writer(s): Geraldine Creed

Role: Michelle

Cast: Lindsey Harris, Liam Heffernan, Brid McCarthy

  • drama

Rating: g

Release date: 1994 (Ireland)