The Ghost Squad

Amy Harris (Elaine Cassidy) is a young, idealistic undercover detective whose work is set to become a sinister and violent journey of discovery when she is recruited into the Ghost Squad.

Under the tough regime of Detective Superintendent Carol McKay (Emma Fielding), her new and powerful boss – Amy finds it difficult to tow the line.

Amy’s shadow and support in the Ghost Squad is Pete (Jonas Armstrong form Robin Hood), a thrill-seeker with a dangerous edge and a killer smile. Depending on each other in the edgy world they inhabit, theirs is a relationship that is always electric.

In the costly world of undercover investigations, Amy cannot afford to fail. But in this complex world of political expediency nothing is clear cut.

Role: Amy Harris

Cast: Emma Fielding, Jonas Armstrong

  • crime
  • drama

Rating: 15

Duration: 60 mins

Released: 15 November 2005 (UK)

Status: On DVD

Production Co: Company Pictures

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Country: UK