No Offence

Follows a group of police officers on the front line wondering what they did to end up where they are on the ugly side of Manchester. Keeping these streets clean is a Herculean task, enough to demoralize even the keenest rookie. But there’s a reason these cops are in this force. As the never ending rabble off the local estates pours in, Inspector Vivienne Deering, the station’s sharp, funny and hard-as-they-come boss, and her team led by DC Dinah Kowalski and DC Joy Freers, show they have what it takes to crack crime and to expose the addled, the swanky, the pimps, the petty and the really proper nasty bastards for the sewer rats they are.

Director: David Kerr, Catherine Morshead, Misha Manson-Smith, Harry Bradbeer

Writer(s): Paul Abbott, Paul Tomalin, Jack Lothian, Jimmy Dowall, Mark Grieg

Role: DC Dinah Kowalska

Cast: Joanna Scanlan, Julie Clerehugh, Colin Salmon, Will Mellor, Paul Ritter, Alexandra Roach

  • comedy
  • crime
  • drama

Rating: 15

Duration: 42min

Released: 5 May 2015

Status: Aired

Production Co: Abbott Vision

Official sites:

Filming locations: Manchester, England, UK

Also known as: Manchester sötét oldalán

Country: UK