Mum’s List

A dying mother’s life lessons to the husband and sons she left behind. Based on the best-selling novel by St John (Singe) Greene, the film is the story of Singe and Kate, a couple from North Somerset, whose lives were turned upside down when Kate was diagnosed with an incurable breast cancer. Over her last few days, she created her list: writing her thoughts and memories down, to help the man she loved create the best life possible for their two sons, after she was gone.

Director: Niall Johnson

Writer(s): St John Greene (book), Niall Johnson

Role: Rachel

Cast: Rafe Spall, Emilia Fox, Richard Cordery

  • drama

Rating: 12a

Duration: 1h 41min

Released: 24 November 2016

Status: On DVD

Production Co: Studio Soho


One of the most memorable, uplifting and beautiful stories of recent years, Mum's List is a romance for all ages.

A true story based on the best-selling book

Kiss the boys two times after I've gone

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Filming locations: Clevedon, Somerset, England, UK

Also known as: Mamos noru sarasas

Country: UK